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Some questions to which I may never know the answer.

"Hmmm...what *is* going on I wonder?"

“Hmmm…what *is* going on I wonder?”


  1. What is going on, according to Marvin Gaye?

He keeps asking brothers what’s going on but never really seems to get an answer.  Broadly speaking I seem to recall that the song is about civil rights in America but because Marvin died some time ago (something I only realised in about February) I doubt I’ll ever find out.


  1. Who let the dogs out?  And why?

In the summer of 2000 someone seems to have released some hounds, but instead of starting a full-scale investigation as to who did it and what their motive was, authorities at the turn of the millennium seemed satisfied with a repetitive song by the Baha Men, which gives us no answers.  Is the song a cutting political and social commentary?  Or merely a vehicle for canine onomatopoeic lyrics?  Who knows.


  1. Who framed Roger Rabbit?

I don’t know because I’ve never watched it and, frankly, I’m never likely to.  I don’t even know who Roger Rabbit is.


  1. Why are Mick McCarthy and Ian Holloway not in high demand as Premier League managers?

It’s a mystery to me.  They both have wonderful accents and are super merry characters.  Their presence can only brighten up any post-match interview, and would make a change from the current fad of foreign managers displaying zero emotion when their team scores a goal.  Playing it super cool doesn’t make you look edgy or enigmatic or endowed with unbelievable powers of management.  It makes you look like a dickhead.


2 comments on “Some questions to which I may never know the answer.

  1. Nicola
    May 4, 2014

    You really should watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Not only because it will answer the question, but because it’s really good!

    • majgibbs11
      July 4, 2014

      I sort of feel that if I’ve managed to avoid it so far in my life I doubt I’ll be watching it any time soon! Then it can remain a mystery to me.

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