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Scary news – I’m in the very last week of my degree.  I have exams on Wednesday and Thursday (today is Sunday) and then I no longer have to learn about black America in the 1920s or the finer details of the imperfect subjunctive in French.

I say scary, but it’s also…no actually, it’s pretty much just scary.  I’m not a violent person at all, but I will happily punch anyone who asks what I’m doing with my life after I leave Leeds.

In other news though, leading up to these quizzes I’ve managed to do several things for the first time in my university career – largely just because these are the most important quizzes I’ll possibly ever have to do.

  1. I’m in the library on a Sunday, actually doing work.  This is something that I’ve avoided doing on principle over the last four years, but now is probably a good time to put aside those beliefs and log some serious library hours.
  2. I’ve brought an extension lead to said library.  I finally turned into ‘that guy’ when it became apparent that everyone else had not only also abandoned their no-work-on-Sunday policy, but had decided to get to the library before 10am and nick all the plug sockets.  Selfish, if you ask me, but there you go.
  3. I’ve refused to stay out past about midnight on a Friday or Saturday evening, partly because I’m finally considering the impact on the day after and also because I just get tired by around 11pm.  Bloody final exams.
  4. I haven’t thought of a fourth point because I feel I should definitely get back to revision and coursework now.


So I will.


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