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The A-Z of Summer School, Part I

Excellent summary of summer school (or rather,”summer-y”…no that’s a terrible pun). Letters B and F are particularly applicable to me this year, and I’ve already discovered I cannot deal with one of them…no prizes for guessing which one.

Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis




About three quarters of Summer School bookings come through agents. There’d be no way to survive without them so paying the commission is unavoidable. They’re more likely not to want to cross the parents than we are so, particularly in some countries, they won’t say boo to a goose. We’ve not even started yet and I’ve been unable to stop a C2 and a C1 student enrolling on the PET course because the agent can’t/won’t talk the parent into at least having them do FCE.


Incoming students at any time day or night. Some parents think nothing of having a child arrive into the airport at 5:30 am or 9 pm. Fun for all concerned.


The EFL lessons might be what make the parent choose a school, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly the Activities program that brings the kids back.


Bed lists

I’m so…

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