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www what? A life without internet

Some things that would be if the Internet didn’t exist… I’d have perhaps 75% fewer friends than Facebook claims I have. I wouldn’t know the theory behind circular breathing. Keeping … Continue reading

November 10, 2014 · 3 Comments

All About That Bass, Means Trouble

If, like me, the only time you really listen to the radio is when it performs the function of an alarm clock in the morning, you’ll probably be unaware of … Continue reading

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A review of ‘Lost’ – yeah, the Noughties TV sensation (briefly)

**Warning! May contain spoilers, but they’re from 2004 so it’s OK** For a variety of reasons – which include (but are not limited to) the need to save money, excessive … Continue reading

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An edited collection of football chants: for the youth of today

People say that footballers, in everything they do, should always be setting an example to today’s youth.  I’m not completely sure which people say this, aside from those at the … Continue reading

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Top Gear isn’t quite Flop Gear yet

I love Top Gear.  Well no, I like Top Gear.  Actually, even that isn’t quite accurate: I quite enjoy Top Gear, mostly when they have those are-they-aren’t-they-staged “races” or challenges … Continue reading

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Poster clichés to the maxim-us.

Something I’ve noticed this summer at work is the omnipresence of posters, usually featuring inspirational slogans or ‘life-lesson’ maxims. I don’t remember having many of these at my school but … Continue reading

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Breaking news: student is suspected secret agent

Although I’ve spent a few weeks for the last four summers dealing with foreign children all day every day, I’ve never until now had to deal with someone who speaks … Continue reading

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